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Culinary Experiences


This quirky name refers to the pursuit of appealing, authentic, memorable culinary experiences of all kinds, while traveling internationally, regionally or even locally. For gastrotourists, food is the focus and the motivation for the travel. In developed countries the gastrotourism business is booming and has become one of the most dynamic and creative segments of tourism, attracting billions of tourists worldwide.

Some Key Gastr-Destinations

Culinary vacations are becoming more popular now than ever before. We’ve all started to realize that many of our favorite things to do on vacation and the strongest memories we take back home with us have to do with food.  Food is powerful. It’s what makes us who we are as a people. It is an essential part of life and community. In fact, I seriously question whether you can experience the real, authentic side of a culture without experiencing the food.  After all, what is Thailand without a plate of Pad Thai, China without Dim Sum, Canada without poutine, Mexico without street tacos?


Our Personal favorit

London is the food capital of the world. No where will you find the array of international food choices, dining experiences, and foodie activities that you will find in London.

People often think London doesn’t have good food – or that it consists merely of fish and chips and pub food. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, London is one of the biggest food cities in the world. You can find every type of cuisine imaginable in the city. Plus, where else in the world can you find nearly dozens of afternoon tea choices?

You can browse around London’s many markets, including Camden Market and Borough Market – which are two of our favorites, or you can stop for a street food break at the really cool and fun Boxpark in Shoreditch. We absolutely love Soho for the dizzying array of food choices. You can’t walk three steps without coming up a different restaurant, wine bar, pub, waffle bar, gelateria – you name it.


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